Managed and run by Yaremys Rodriguez; a Cuban national and cultural expert, and Christopher Kilday, an authority on Cuba and U.S. – Cuba relations,  Viva Cuba Tour organizes people to people travel and educational exchange programs for U.S. citizens and residents to Cuba. Viva Cuba Tour belives that Cuba and the U.S. are intrinsically related and have much to learn from each other. Profound exchanges that create dialogue are highly advantageous and enhance the advancement of the medical, scientific, environmental, artistic and social scientific communities of the U.S. and Cuba. Thanks to President Obama’s unprecedented steps forward to normalize relations, we are experiencing an  increase in travel between the countries; an essential part of strengthening bonds between everyday Cubans and Americans.

Viva Cuba Tour’s mission is to provide authentic connections between the people of the United States and Cuba. This is achieved through organizing travel, in both directions, to both countries, in order to assist in reciprocal understanding; which ultimately, can lead to mutual understanding and respect regarding the issues that are associated with Cuba and the current U.S. – Cuba relationship.

Christopher Kilday’s  expertise and emphasis on Cuba music and academic exchange began many years ago. More than 10 years ago, he initiated a first of its kind, semester long study abroad program between  San Francisco Conservatory of Music and Havana’s Instituto de Arte Superior, the elite school for Cuba’s finest musicians. The only program of its kind there, and one of a but a handful of the U.S. Treasury Department’s O.F.A.C. ( Office of Foreign Asset Control) sanctioned musicians to ever study in Cuba, Kilday is a highly gifted and world class guitarist that was the first to perform the music of Ñico Rojas, founder of The Filin’ movement in Cuba, for American audiences upon his return. Mr. Kilday has lived in Cuba over 2 years and visited more than 50 times, introducing the wonders of Cuba with a multitude of artists, photographers and academics.

Viva Cuba Tour is renown for its diverse contacts with the people of Cuba, at every level of the community. Viva Cuba Tour never offers generic Cuba travel experiences, like its inferior, cookie cutter competitors. Our authentic, customized trips to Cuba let you experience the island and its unique people and culture. If seeing the real Cuba, before it changes, is important to you, then you must travel with Viva Cuba Tour.