I have been giving one of my guides in Cuba the results of our baseball games, as he is a San Francisco Giants fan, and a baseball fanatic. It’s nearly impossible to see a live MLB game in Cuba, so he lives vicariously through my emailed summaries of the games. In the past, during our World Series, it was so fun to share with him the joy of Giants baseball. The following are bottom of this email of those messages, in case anyone would like to relive the last couple of games.

October 8th, 2016

Luis, sorry for the delay my friend, today was an incredible day, the Giants are going to the Wild Card playoff game vs. the NY Mets, 1 game, win or go home. The winners face the dreaded Chicago Cubs, claiming a near perfect season, with 103 wins! It seems they have been destined since last year to finally break the curse of the billy goat;  if we must face them, it will be a tremendous series.

A quick baseball update –

October 1st, 2016
Kershaw loses Saturday 0-3,  to the Giants rookie, Ty Blach, in an 8 shutout inning gem, which was only his 2nd start in the Majors.  He was traded for Duffy and others; it was a really tough loss for Duffy and S.F., as he wanted to stay, but we needed 2 improved pitchers. Now the deal is paying off.  Also, veteran of the minor leagues, Conor Gillaspie has been having incredible offense and defense. Just when the Giants need to come alive, from the edge of death, they revive!

October 2nd, 2016

Sunday –  The legendary announcer, Vince Scully’s last called game

Giants sweep the Dodgers, 4 games in a row, 7-1 final score ! ! !

Vince Scully, the last man standing, from an era stretching back to Red Barber  and Connie Mack; is going out in style, after 67 years as an announcer for the Dodgers, our loathed rivals. We gave him a really nice send off, with a special bronze plaque, and gave him the honor of being our broadcaster for the entire 3rd inning. He was telling the story of how as an 8 year old boy,  he fell in love with baseball watching the 1936 Giants lose Game 2 of the World Series, on October 2, 1936, at the Polo Grounds. He knew he wanted to be an announcer since that moment and he achieved his dreams. It was also, I believe the 80th anniversary to the day, of that game, this date on which he retired.  He said, “ it was destined that I begin and end my career on this day, at this game, against the Giants, 80 years later” . It was history in the making. Willy Mays was there, seeing him off. Scully said, “You were always my favorite player” to Mays, “even though you wore the wrong uniform”. He will be missed by everyone in baseball, and he was the last personality that was still active in MLB, from the Brooklyn Dodgers, when they moved out West in 1957, and brought the NY Giants rivalry with them.

We pulled another miracle off and are headed to the post season. What an incredible journey and redemption the Giants have had again. Stay tuned for Wednesday’s game.

Watch out NY METS – Wednesday – 1 game Wild card game – we are back! Bumgarner v Syndegaard –
for all the marbles.

October 6th

Luis, Bumgarner does it again, as he becomes the most dominant post season pitcher ever!

23 consecutive scoreless innings in his Post season, 1 and done games. He blanked the Mets, and Conor Gilaspie, who’s become the Travis Ishikawa of the 2016 Giants, hit a 3 run homer in the top of the 9th, breaking the 0-0 tie.

Bumgarner remained on the slab, pitched another complete game, and destroyed the Mets hopes of a WS championship.

The stadium was crazy, as always in NYC; however, the Giants shut them down. Familia is tapped for the closer position to shut down the Giants. Crawford, who has been very hot lately, nails a double to start the inning. Familia strikes Pagan out; he left the field fuming, staring intently ahead and cursing himself. Panik draws a walk, and now, the aging rookie, Gillaspie, steps up to the plate. Gillaspie has had a difficult year, not making the team right away, and was sent back to the minors. I saw him in Arizona at Spring Training, and he caught my attention with his bare hands grip and impressive swing. He had a very calm demeanor, and seemed very serious and quiet.
Gillaspie, gets a called strike, a ball in the dirt, and a hanging slider that he crushed to center field. I swear, Luis, the instant he hit that ball, I knew it was gone. It had that sound; that *pop*,  like a drumstick hitting a perfect rim shot, cutting through every sound in the ballpark. It exploded immediately. He ran to first and knew it was gone. He started yelling, and man, you could hear all the Giants fans really cheering him. The dugout went crazy; it was a life changing moment for Conor. In that moment, he joined Cody Ross of 2010, Marco Scutaro of 2012, and Travis Ishikawa of 2014. Gillaspie earned himself a place in the Giants history books and fulfilled a lifetime dream of his own.

I have to say after the home run, most of the Mets fans left the stadium. Can you believe that? What a bunch of faithless people they were. That was the saddest part; to see your fans leave, and with only one out in the top of the 9th. Where is your hope? Your faith in your team? Bumgarner steps up to bat next. Now, this is the man that has held you down the entire game, so to see him there, and to know, that he very well might hit another homer run, it’s a devastating thought for the Mets. He steps up, first pitch, and hits a long, deep ball to center field, so far back, it makes you think, “ this guy is too much” !  On the warning track, two feet from the fence, it is caught. The damage was done. The Mets were broken after those two tremendous hits and haven fallen 3 runs behind. Then, bottom of the 9th, Bumgarner remains as pitcher. Why not? Bochy lets champions be champions. No one can touch him. He collects three outs and the Giants celebrate, but it was noticeable subdued. I think they know their big games are coming, and the veterans know the difficulties ahead; they don’t want to project cockiness.

The Chicago Cubs – does their 108 year losing streak end this year? Will they win the World Series, finally, and break the curse of the Billy Goat? I think not. For some reason, I think right now, the Giants can take on anyone.

I have a feeling the Giants have awakened. They were slumping, their worst ever, in relation to their outstanding record before the All Star break. They had not won back-to-back games since the All star break! Imagine, the 2nd half, a complete disaster, yet now, they are poised for another Cinderella story entrance into the playoffs. Jake Arrieta is the star pitcher for the Cubs, as is Jon Lester, who will pitch against the unpredictable Johnnie Cueto,  in Game 1 of the NLDS on – holy moly – TODAY!

Cueto is unpredictable, only in so much as his delivery; he fools all the batters with his random delivery movements; the shimmy, the shake and delays in delivering to the plate. It drives batters insane.

I will let you know how the game goes today, it is a 5 game series. Here are some baloney statistics from some genius that
thinks a computer will tell him how the games will proceed. I don’t place too much interest in these, but I thought you might find it interesting.


Whatifsports simulated the Best-of-5 series between the Giants and Cubs 101 times, and here’s how it all went down:

Giants vs. Cubs: 101 Simulations of Best-of-5 Series
Matchup    Win %    3 Game %    4 Game %    5 Game %
Giants    24.8    1.0    13.9    9.9
Cubs    75.2    23.8    20.8    30.7

The heavily favored Cubs came out on top in 75.2 percent of our simulations, most frequently winning the series in a deciding Game 5 (30.7 percent). In 23.8 percent of the simulations, the Cubs pulled off the clean sweep. Interestingly enough, the Giants managed a sweep in only one of the 101 simulations. The Cubs narrowly won the regular season series between the two teams, 4-3.