People to People Travel

Viva Cuba Tour organizes legal, fully customized travel to Cuba. We are fully sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department to legally bring U.S. citizens and residents to Cuba in order to learn about the people and the country. Whether interacting directly with Cuban musicians, studying folkloric dance, co-operating with organic farmers to bring sustainable agriculture to your restaurant, or any other facet of Cuban society, Viva Cuba Tour will create a fully customized, dynamic trip to deliver you an authentic Cuban experience. Forget the generic site visits, large groups and the price gouging of the larger Cuban travel companies. With Viva Cuba Tour, you will know the Cubans, learn about the country’s history, culture and path forward.

Academic Research Trips

Some of the world’s leading scientists and best performers live in Cuba. There are countless research opportunities available, however, receiving permission from the Cuban and the U.S. governments can be difficult, and laborious. A successful research trip requires access to the right individuals and sites.  We can expedite the approval process and help you develop your research program in Cuba. Assistance and advice for obtaining a visa with the Cuban government and Treasury Department licensing is available.

Educational Exchange Programs

Viva Cuba Tour assists in the creation and fulfillment of educational exchange programs. Attempting to develop an educational program in Cuba can be overly costly and unbelievably complicated. Let us assist you with curriculum development, lodging, visa arrangement, and partnering with suitable academic institutions in Cuba. Whether attending an international symposium on African culture or performing with your choral assembly, Viva Cuba Tour will help tailor the best program for you, at a fair price. We can also provide extensive help with all Treasury Department licensing issues.

Organizing Events and Conferences in Cuba

Viva Cuba Tour can assist hosting or organizing seminars or conferences in Cuba. There are a wide variety of locations and accommodations  available currently on the island. We additionally can assist you to bring Cuban musicians, academics and businesspeople to the U.S. for intercommunication and exchange with their colleagues. From assisting with logistics, navigating the complicated compliance process between the U.S. and Cuban government regulations, to finding Cuban partners; we can help.